Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm Back!

So - you can see, I didn't get the blog migrated to WordPress. I tried though. Oh how I tried. I eventually figured out that I like the simplicity of Blogger better and staid put.

Then life kicked in. After Thanksgiving, I had to travel to this amazing resort in Palm Springs, CA for a work function:

Yea, I know, poor me. I got to leave the mid-west at the end of November and go to a place where waterfalls don't freeze after October. I promise though, it was all work and no play - at least the scenery was nice!

Once I arrived back, I hosted a fundraiser for a professional non-profit group I am apart of and the next night we brought home this little cutie!!!

Yep, we decided our lives were chaotic enough and added a 6 (now 7) week old puppy to our mixture of a 16 month old chocolate lab and 18  month old cat. Her name is Josie and she is my beagle baby and our Christmas present for each other. 

We brought Josie home last Friday, had a wedding on Saturday and recovered from the wedding on Sunday. Then Bryan had to go to Colorado for work for the entire week, leaving me at home with a cold, a tiny puppy, a big puppy who just wants to play with the little puppy and a cat who thinks the puppy is prey. Not to mention that the puppy is like a baby and wakes up multiple times a night and feels a need to make sure everyone else in the house is awake too. 

It was a long week three weeks. 

To reward you all for your patience, I am going to put up another post right after this with my first giveaway!

Do any of you guys have furbabies? Do you treat them like kids like I do? I like knowing that I am not the only crazy dog lady out there. 

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