Saturday, February 12, 2011

Practically Stealin'

The MIAB (Missing in Action Bride) is back! Reason for my long hiatus? Lots of wedding projects of course. :) Lots of updates coming. But I wanted to post a couple of STEALS I have gotten in the past month.

First - the flower girl dresses. I was walking through Target about a month ago when I stopped dead. in. my. tracks. Right in front of me was a rack of beautiful, poofy, little girls dresses in white. I told myself there was no way there was a 2T AND a 5T on the rack, but I calmly walked over to the rack to check it out. Low and behold, there was a dress in each size I needed for the girls, in the color I wanted!!! Best part!?! $20 each!!!

I am having my seamstress add a couple of extra layers of tool for some extra poof - you can never have too much poof before age 6. We are also going to add a Lapis sash to each of them, which are only $10 at David's. Hopefully with the extra tool and sash, the total for each dress should be less than $40, not bad considering the cheapest alternate I had found was $80!

Next up: my rehearsal dinner dress... Yes, the wedding is still 6 1/2 months away and I have a dress for rehearsal dinner, but wait until you hear this... I had been eyeing this dress at Younkers since right after Christmas, but I just could not justify the $168 price tag. (And I am VERY good at justifying ANYTHING). So I was at Younkers today with my mom, looking for a MOB dress and I wandered over to the clearance rack. The 75% off clearance rack. And I saw my dress. There was only one left on the rack. "It will be a size 12" I told myself as I reached for it. I turned the tag over and... SIZE 6!!! My size!!!

I tried it on to be sure, and it fit PERFECTLY. With 75% off, my grand total came to $37 and some change. Yep! $168 to $37. Done deal. 

This dress also gives me a chance to wear the kick ass purple Jessica Simpson heals that I impulsively bought before I bought my wedding dress and figured out that I am too tall and need to wear flats with my wedding dress. Now I just need to find a really awesome necklace for it... Preferably purple... 

My advice: Be patient, check unconventional places for what you're looking for and keep checking back for sales. 


  1. Good advice and wow those are STEALS!!! Those GF are so cute and the rehearsal dress looks amazing and the shoes... Wow!

  2. WOW!! Not that IS a deal! CONGRATS!!! And it looks amazing!!!!!!!!!

  3. what a great deal on a beautiful dress!!