Monday, June 21, 2010

Cheap & Chic: Party Booth Software

First of all a confession... I may or may not have begun planning our wedding in December of 2009... For those of you paying attention, we got engaged in May of 2010.  When I say planning, I mean book marking ideas that I liked, browsing wedding dresses, researching photographers - most of the stuff you usually do in the first two months of your engagement. Yes, I know a lot of my friends were questioning my sanity, but I figured as long as I admitted that it was a little crazy, I was OK.  Besides, I've known Bryan was "the one" since exactly the fourth day of our relationship. (Maybe I'll tell that story sometime...)

Anyway, I have longed for a photobooth at our wedding. I think they're a lot of fun and a nice little take away for the reception. However, the price of most of them I could not justify. Enter Party Booth. This FABULOUS software takes a webcam to the next level. AND, setup the right way is a really nice, AFFORDABLE alternative to a "real" photobooth.

Our reception hall has a nice big coat closet right off the main area that, in mid-August, we will have next to no use for. I am thinking, make a cute curtain for the doorway, setup some lighting and a computer, throw in some props - BAM!  Good to go!

What do you guys think?

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