Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Colors

My inspiration for our wedding colors is a peacock feather.  A lot of weddings have a “thing”.  I had one friend who based her design scheme around orchids and it was beautiful!  My thing is a peacock feather. 

My main color is going to be a deep purple, in fact, my bridesmaid dresses are Lapis from David’s Bridal. (More on the bridesmaids in another post.)  We’re going to stick with the deep purple for a lot of things, but add deep blue, green and teal accents throughout all of the décor.

I have TONS of ideas on what we’re going to do, lots and lots of DIY.  
Peacock feather picture by www.chrisholmesphotography.com/ 
Color palette from http://kuler.adobe.com/


  1. Love the deep purple; thats what I had too!

  2. Thank you soooo much! I went with Lapis too, but the cost of matching invites from Davids Bridal is too expensive once you add reception cards, menu cards, escort cards, etc.

    Now I can order them from Vista print, and match the color :)