Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Maids

When it came to the dresses for my girls, I knew I wanted all 7 (yes, I said 7) of them to feel comfortable and I wanted the dress to fit their budget. I also faced the challenge of bridesmaids literally, all over the country. (I have one in Phoenix, one in Chicago, one in Minneapolis, one in Kansas City, two in Des Moines and one where I live.) I also loved the idea of different dresses, but I wanted some consistency. So, I gave the girls the color "Lapis" from David's Bridal and am going to let them pick any knee length or tea length dress that they desire. That way, each of them will be able to pick a dress they feel comfortable in and maybe (fingers crossed) be able to wear again.

Here are some examples:
Aren't they adorable? I would be totally lying if I said I hadn't been trying to think of a reason why I need to get one of these dresses...


  1. great plan to have them all pick their own, this is what we did also, each of my maids are different sizes/shapes, so it was perfect for them to find something that would flatter their body!

  2. I have 7 BMs too! I got lucky because they all liked one (super cheap/universally flattering) dress, but it was stressful trying to find something <$100 that they could all agree on.
    I loveeee the dresses your girls picked, especially the upper left one. Now I'm rethinking my choice!