Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding Workout Wednesday

Whoo-hoo! The fiancé is on a business trip, I am SO going out!


Yeah right.

I am actually sitting here eating Mac & Cheese and watching my dog sleep. My how times have changed… J

So, it’s Wednesday, which means I need to recap the workouts I have done this week… Or lack there of! I have had a severe motivational problem this week. Here is what my schedule looked like:
  • Thursday: Items from my Pampered Chef party arrived, my exercise consisted of ripping open boxes and kicking myself for not getting that set of measuring cups.
  • Friday: Day off from work, ran/walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes (about 25 minutes of running, 5 of walking.) Lifted free weights.
  • Saturday: Iowa Hawkeye Football home opener!!! Does walking around tailgating while drinking a beer count? Maybe. In my book it does.
  • Sunday: Too tired from Saturday to do much, sat on the couch a lot.
  •  Monday: Had intentions of working out… Then decided I needed to clean the house and get groceries instead.
  • Tuesday: Attempted to run on the treadmill, lasted 10 minutes. Did another 10 on the elliptical and then lifted free weights.
  • Today: Have an appointment with the florist right after work, won’t get a workout in.
My past few weeks have gone like this, so I finally did something about my motivational level (which is usually about ZERO) – I joined a gym with classes!

The Upside (s)
  •  I like being told what to do and when to do it when working out, I do not like motivating myself. This gym will help that problem.
  • It is close to work, so there is less time from the time I leave work until when I get home to talk myself out of working out.
The Downside
  •  Its 20 – 25 minutes from my house (I said it’s close to work) – this means workouts REALLY have to happen during the week.
I’ve tried becoming a morning person before and have failed miserably at it each time, but now I just might have to… Stay tuned to see how my first week at the new gym goes!

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