Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Main Dish

Ah, wedding food. We've all been to the weddings where the food has been less than stellar and perhaps even swung by a McDonalds after leaving the reception because you were still hungry. Bryan and I wanted the food at our reception to be a reflection of who we are. We are not chicken marsala people, nor are we veal people. We really like steak and salmon, however, that does not fit within our budget. We are pizza people, and roasting hot dogs and hamburgers over an open fire people and down-home, comfort food people.

Picture from - not where the recipe is from.

The part that sold us on our reception location is the fact that we can bring our own food and alcohol - MAJOR money saver there. Bryan's uncle has an amazing recipe for pulled pork. Being born and raised in the heart of pork country, pulled pork is a favorite meal of both of ours and it is a good reflection of who we are - simple but delicious. So, his uncle has agreed to make enough pulled pork for 320 people and it will only cost $1 to $2 per person! This of course does not include buns, but still a fabulous price.

Our goal for food is to keep it around $5/person - not including dessert of course. With the price of the pork and using an up and coming caterer for the side dishes (more on that later) I think this may be an achievable goal. If we maxed out the capacity of the reception location at 320 people, this would be around $1600 on food - not too shabby!

Now that we have the main dish decided on, I will be working with a caterer for our side dishes - more on that in the coming weeks!

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