Friday, October 22, 2010

It's HERE!!!!

My dress that is! It came in on Wednesday and was delivered to my parent's house. I of course rushed right home from work, straight over to their house to try it on. I was so nervous it wouldn't fit! When the measured me at the bridal shop, I measured a 4 in the bust, a 4 in the waist and an 8 in the hips (yes, I am shaped like a boy!) The dress lady tried talking me into a 4, but I wear a 6 in pants, so I knew there was no way. I ended up getting a 6 and then started second guessing myself, thinking that I should have ordered an 8 since that was the biggest I measured... Luckily it fit!!!

The length is also good, I won't be able to wear very high heels since I am already 5'9", which is somewhat of a bummer because I actually already bought some purple high heels that I will now have to sell since the 30 days is up. (DANG!) So, if you find any 2" purple heels, throw them my way please!

The only other thing that needs to be done is a bustle and change the neckline from straight to a definite sweetheart.

Oh, and can I just say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my dress even more now that I have MINE!

Now the search for shoes, veil, and jewelry begins... Suggestions welcome!


  1. Congratulations! thats so super exciting... I get mine in 4 weeks and I can hardly stand it! Where are you keeping it?? Mine is going to my mom as well and I am terrified that if I bring it to my house i'll never get out of it ;)

  2. @Miss JD - I am keeping it at my parent's house as well. We have a 15 month old lab and a 18 month old cat and I just know one of them would end up trying to use it as a toy. I have tried it on approximately 4 times already. :)