Thursday, November 11, 2010

9.5 Months to Go...

Is this week going fast for anyone else? Loving it!

Does anyone else use’s checklist to make sure you’re on schedule to have a fabulous wedding? I actually spent a lot of time researching digital checklists and theirs is by far the most comprehensive. I actually do not find that helpful, aside from the checklist of course.

I have printed myself two copies of the checklist – one for work so I can mull over it during lunch about once a week and one for the wedding bible. While I was looking it over, I discovered that as of Thanksgiving weekend, we will be in the 6 - 8 month bracket! Yikes! I feel like after Christmas, time is going to fly. 

Luckily for me, I have roughly half of the 6 -8 month tasks completed already – yea for being an over-achiever! 

But this is what I do not have done yet:
  • Get deposit to our florists – we do have a florist picked out though.
  • Get an idea of ceremony musicians and the type of music we want played… NO clue on this one. I was hoping to have someone that we know do the music, but I didn’t realize all of our friends and family are musically challenged… So this one could be difficult.
  • Block hotel rooms for guests – this one is half done, I have rooms at one hotel, but need to block a few more at another.
  • Fill out your wedding registry – we’ll do this closer to 6 months I think…
  • Order and send out save-the-dates… Need to do a lot of work on this one because I am doing them myself, but I have a great idea for it!
  • Book ceremony musicians – probably around 6 months.
  • Start planning rehearsal dinner… We have an idea of what we want to do, but nothing definite yet.
  •  Finalize invitation wording… The wording of the actual invitation is done, but the cards associated with them are not…
  • Order wedding invitations and announcements – will do this around the 6 month mark.

Not too terrible of a list – what about you guys? Do you have lots to do for where you are at in your planning or are you way ahead of the game? 


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  2. don't worry, you'll get it all done :)

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