Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There Goes My Chance At Queen...

Did anyone else have a crush on him when they were younger?

I did.

(Sigh) There goes my chance at queen… Good thing I found my prince a long time ago.

Good thing I found my prince already. :)

Is anyone else obsessed with the Royal family? I don’t know why, but they fascinate me… Now that William and Kate have officially announced their engagement, I am even more intrigued!!! Earlier this year I was fixated with the Chelsea Clinton wedding and even got my veil inspiration from her. Now I am dying to see what colors Kate picks, what type of dress she chooses, what their first song will be - knowing everything they do will be gorgeous and classic.

You gotta respect this chick

– she waited eight years for a ring!!! I was getting antsy at the one year mark! (Patience is not a word that is commonly associated with me.)

On another coincidental note, my parents got married the same year as Diana and Charles. Now Bryan and I will get married the same year as Kate and William… Not sure that actually means anything expect that I should find a hobby other than stalking celebrities online. 


  1. They facinate me too!!!! I am getting married in the Summer of 2011 and I can't wait to hear all about their wedding. You're right! It will be gorgeous and classic!

  2. I've been sorta fascinated for a while, but I can feel myself getting so wrapped into Kate (Catherine?) and William's tale now.. their wedding is going to mag.ni.fi.cent. Can't wait to see it all :)) And? She's gorgeous. Love her style.

  3. I have to say that I didn't really think much about them, but I'm oddly excited about their wedding! And she is absolutely gorgeous.

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