Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding Workout Wednesday

The other day I was on the dreaded treadmill and it occurred to me that workouts are probably a hot-topic for other brides. As you know, I have already purchased my dress, over a year in advance, which means I need to stay the same size for at least 360 more days.  My friends and family reading this already think I am crazy for worrying about this, I have maintained the same weight for the past 3 years and a few would probably tell you that I should gain some weight. (Woe is me, I know.) I am a pretty superstitious person though and I have this deep fear that I will gain 20 pounds now that there is a reason for me to really keep the weight off.

Let me back up, I am currently 5'9" and weight about 128 pounds. I know, most girls would kill for this, but I have not always been like this. When I graduated college, I tipped the scales at 164 pounds - on a good day. It was a combination of little exercise, a bartender's schedule, a diet of whatever I could find, when I could find it and a lot beer that got me to that weight. Once I graduated college, I worked HARD for a year and a half to get all that weight off, plus some. I'm talking 5+ days in the gym for 90 minutes at a time and Weight Watchers to get my cravings under control.

Me at my heaviest

Me now:

Was it easy losing almost 40 pounds? Absolutely not. Am I one of those girls who *claim* to "love" going to the gym and all that jazz? Yeah right. I'll be honest, working out is not my favorite things. There are even days that I HATE the gym. I've tried every workout imaginable, still haven't found that that I just can't wait to do everyday. Most days I get home from work and I literally have to force myself to put my running shoes on. 

My favorite part of working out? Being done. 

This brings my to my new blogging category: Wedding Workout Wednesdays! Each week I will share with you what I have (or haven't done) in the form of physical activity. Maybe even share some good-for-you recipes that I may stumble upon... You'll probably hear more about how I have to have a cookie after lunch AND dinner. (This is why I have to keep myself in the gym.)

Since this post is long enough already, I'll create a new one for this week's Wedding Workouts.