Monday, August 2, 2010

Centerpieces: Cylinder Vases

Next centerpiece up is the cylinder vase centerpiece.

This is my inspiration. My original idea was three cylinder vases, all different heights, each with decorative rocks, water and a feather inside them and topped off with a floating candle. However, feathers in water does not look as cool as it sounds. I thought it would magnify the colors, but it just made them look brown. :(  So my new plan is to do clear rocks in the bottom, water, floating candle  with feathers and willow branches around the base. 

Cylinder vases I have seen priced anywhere from $3 - $5 each, but when you need 3 of them for each table, that is $9 - $15 per table, just on vases. Over the weekend I was stalking eBay for cylinder vases and low and behold, I hit the jackpot! A newlywed was selling 26 vases from Crate and Barrel for only $50!! They are all varying heights, and I will only be one short of nine centerpieces, which I am not worried about. Shipping was $17, so that breaks down to $2.58/vase or $7.74/table. Score!

Just an FYI, this find pretty much made my weekend. J  I'm kind of sad that all my beautiful vases have to be stored away for the next year, out of reach from our animals. 


  1. Hi,
    How did you and your guy meet? I'd love to have you share your story.

  2. Cute vases! I scored 24 vases from a local newlywed for a great price. It's great to get a deal!

  3. Thanks Lauren - getting a great deal is like a natural high for me. :)