Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Dress

I did it, I bought my dress this weekend!!! My bridesmaid L has been begging me to come to Chicago (where she lives) to try on dresses. I was having pretty good luck finding some in Iowa that I liked, and there was even one that I was 95% sure was the one I wanted. Finally, I agreed to visit her and try on dresses. I told myself after this weekend, I will buy my dress. I've tried on ever type of dress imaginable, in every shape, color and style, so after this weekend, I would be confident in my choice. 

I went in thinking I'd try on some nice dresses, but I would ultimately buy the one that I liked in Iowa... Then I tried on the first dress and it was the one. I knew the instant I put it on, I had no reservations, there was no "I like this part and this part, but I kind of wish this part was a little different." It was perfect. I did not cry - I actually have not cried once in the whole bridal experience - but I smiled a lot. 

Then I looked at the price... And it was $400 under what I had budgeted! SOLD. 
I have pictures of me in the dress, but I am going to wait to post pics of me in the dress until after the wedding, here is a picture from the website though:

Yep, I am in love. Can't wait to wear it!