Monday, August 9, 2010

Ring-bearer Pillow - thingy

I like to be different. Some people may think I am being difficult at times, but I like to think I am just my own person and like to do my own things. So, I've been searching for something for our ringbearer to carry down the aisle. I've seen a few really cute ideas, plus something traditional...

Option 1.) The box

I found this box on Etsy, from seller BraggingBags. How freakin cute. The seller can even customize and engrave our names and wedding date into the bottom. It is only $30 and I feel this is a fair price, especially because I feel it could be an heirloom after the wedding. This is definitely at the top of my list at the moment. I was thinking for the actual wedding, we could put a small pillow inside with the fake rings (for pictures). 

Option 2.) Twist on a traditional pillow

Again, adorable. However, I would probably just end up selling it afterwards. I found this on Etsy from seller AllofYou as well and is slightly more expensive at $32. It matches our colors perfectly and would look amazing in the pictures - an it IS all about the pictures!!!

Option 3.) Here Comes the Bride Sign
Got this picture from here.
How cute would a 3 year old look carrying a sign like this? Cheap to make, however, way out of the box, which, I am out of the box, but I sometimes like to stay near the box. Also, he would have nothing to hold in the pictures.   

So - what do you guys think? Which option should we go with?


  1. I love Option 1, the box. I love the idea of it being a keepsake and even something you could pass down to your children. And I think it's something that's different from the norm but even mainstream folks will find it super cute. and the price is awesome for all of that!

  2. I love the pillow (but I love the colors so I am really drawn to it). I didn't "love" the sign, but maybe if it looked a bit more professional than the one in the picture it would stike me a bit better.