Sunday, August 22, 2010

Centerpieces: The Undecided

I've already covered the two centerpiece ideas I am doing here and here. But I have been going back and forth on what to do for the last. Here are my options:

Option One: Pomander on vase with crystals

The pomander would be made out of tissue paper and probably in a cream-ish color. I would put a ribbon around the bottom of the pomander and the crystals would be black or purple. 

Option Two: Hydrangeas 

I originally wanted to stay away from fresh flower centerpieces because of the cost, but if I order hydrangea wholesale from Blooms by the Box @ just under $4/stem, the price for 11 centerpieces won't be so bad. Additionally, the bridesmaids bouquets are going to be hydrangeas with peacock swords instead of greenery filler. The centerpieces would be white hydrangeas with a few peacock eyes in them. Maybe a ribbon around the center of the vase? 



  1. I love the hydrangeas--they would look great as center pieces and it would be neat to match the bridesmaids flowers!